what is the full form of usb

What is the full form of USB

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus
It is a storage device which is used to store and transfer the data from one system to another to the system which are not in-network or in any sort of contact with each other in any sort of form.
USB was first developed in 1994 by Intel.
And at that time it has very small storage as the technology was not developed to that extend at that time but at the present time, a huge amount of data can be now transferred with the help of this device.
It is now also termed as one of the best portable storage devices. As the name suggests that it is portable and we can store any sort of information in It and can transfer it to one to another place.
As it’s size is now the least as compared to any other portable device and it is cost-effective which means that the cost to storage capacity is best in it. TO understand it that the cost incurred in storing 1 GB of data is very less as compared to other devices.

What is the full form of USB in computer

what is the full form of usb

As stated previously also that the USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. Now not only the company which has developed the USB produces it but also many other companies like SanDisk, hp, and many other companies.
Now they come in many storage capacities like starting from 2 Gb to 32gb, 78 GB and more.
But you have to make sure that in transferring data from pen drive there is a high chance that if the host computer have the virus in their system they might be also present in the data which is to be transferred to your system, so it is recommended that before copying or moving a data from USB to your system just scan it with any antivirus software so that your system will be secure and any sort of virus cannot be transferred into your system.

What are the uses of USB

  • There wide ranges of the USB
  • Used to store the data.
  • Used to transfer the data from one system to another.
  • It can be used as a portable storage device.
  • It can be used as a virtual ram that is not attached to the main memory.

Nowadays many of them might know the USB as a pen drive, but it is not true USB is not a pen drive, it is one of the many forms of the pen drive which are present nowadays. USB is also a card reader is also a cable that is used to transfer the data from the phone to the computer. It will continue to become better and better as we can relate it to the times when it was developed, very less storage capacity very large size. But now it has the very little size and very high storage capacity.

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