Full Form of mca

What Is The Full Form Of MCA

1. MCA – Masters in computer application.

This is an honor’s course which is done by the student who is willing to study the details of the computer application. Basically, before this honor’s course a bachelor’s course is to be done, it can be BCA are anything but if it is from the field of technical background you will face lesser problems in MCA

Subjects Taught In MCA

In Mca basically technical subjects are taught like
1. c language
2. Python
3. c++
4. and many more language used in industries
This course duration is of three years 2 years in the theory subject and one year in the project and all that sort of stuff.

Career Options After MCA

MCA is the hottest course is the current scenario in the market. It can help you land in your dream job. If you want to work on Google, Amazon, HCL, TCS, Infosys, WIPRO. You can land there as a software engineer , software tester, ALgo tester after completing this course.

2. MCA- Ministry of Corporate Affairs

Ministry-for-Corporate-Affairs-Ministry Of Corporate Affair Is a Government body which is responsible for taking the actions for the corporate affairs like the companies registration, liability, expense and all short of that decisions are taken under this ministry which will affect the general public and government

3. MCA-Mumbai Cricket Association

Mumbai Cricket Association is the body that governs all the cricket that is being played under the Mumbai city be it in than are any region that comes under Mumbai. It also selects the team members’ players to conduct matches and many things.

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