Full Form Of AAI

What Is The Full Form Of AAI

AAI stands for Airport Authority Of India
Full Form of aai
It is a body which was founded on the year 1st April 1995. It works under the guidelines of the civil aviation of the government of India. The government of India is responsible for its maintenance, aviation, budget and all the sort of activity happening under this body.
It has its headquarters which is situated in New Delhi named after our late prime minister Rajive Gandhi as Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan Airport.

Key Roles Of AAI

The key role of the airport authority of India is, as the name suggests it has to maintain all the airports of India. There are many rules and regulations which are set by the AAI to which every airport which comes under the premises of India has to follow. If a particular airport is unable to follow its whether by willingly or unwillingly that airport will come under the defaulted condition and strict action will be taken against it.

The second main objective of the AAI is to prove navigation support to the airport like clear the track see to it that the sky is clear weather the weather conditions are feasible for the flight, the route that must be taken in order to complete the flight and all the things which are essential in the flying of an aircraft.

And one more import job of AAI is that if any aircraft is going outside the country or coming from outside to India it has to take permission from the AAI than only that aircraft will be allowed to land on any particular airport

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