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Friends what to say about them they are the ones with whom we share all our secrets share everything with each other. one day, if you are not able to talk to your friend you must feel something incomplete inside you, like the thing which you have not done today to complete your day, is that you have not met your friend. our friends are the brothers from different mothers.
people may get many friends, they might have a large friend circle but there are two to three people with whom we connect with whom we open generally with whom we tend to share our problems.
There are good friends who never leave us in bad times who stay with us in bad times cheer us up to not to give up.
There are friends who tend to fade away as time passes by.

What is Friendship Quotes In English?

Quotes as we all know that they are the rhyming of generally two to three lines, in which the writer tries to express its thoughts or opinions about a particular topic or anything which is going onto his head.
So Friendship Quotes In English is also the rhymes of generally two to four lines in which we try to express our thoughts of friendship.
So I have listed here some of the best friendship quotes in English for you so that you can read and select accordingly.
The list is long so you can be a bit choosy here. You can use these quotes anywhere use it to put WhatsApp status or use it put facebook status or Instagram stories or send them as a message to anyone to remind them of your friendship and to tell them that you are his/her best friend and you never want to lose a friend like them in their live.

Time goes so fast, life asks so much. No wonder friends get out of touch. But in hearts,deep unseen friendship stays forever and ever..

Remember D Day We Met,D First Day At College,Frm Thn On,So Many Years Passed By,But U Were There Wd Me,Whnever I Needed U.Thanks A Lot Buddy

Frndship isnt hw U forGet,but hw U forGive,Nt hw U liSten bt hw U UndrStand,Nt wht U see bt hw U feel,and nt hw U Let Go bt hw U hold on….

Frndship nvr speaks volumes,it nvr demands proof,it nvr has a happy ending 2 simply coz it doesnt end as long as frnds r true,just like U..

If ur frndship be money,I will be richest man.If ur frndship be luv,I will be luckiest man. But ur frndship is trust N I am the happiest man

If luck is a raindrop,I will send u a shower.If hope is a minute,I will send U an hour.If u need a friend,U already have me.

Whenever I look at my palm,I wonder which of those tiny cute scrisscross lines made me so lucky to have a sweet N nice friend like U.

Ice is a cream,luv is a dream but r friendship is evergreen.Dont make friends bfore understndng N dont brk a friendship after misundrstandng

Love is like rain its comes and go from your life and friend ship is like air which always stays with you.

Without courage,life is hard.Without love,life is hopeless.Without friends like you,life is impossible.

Sometimes We Fail 2 Understand the Feelings of very Close People in our Life Bcoz a Book held very Nearer 2 Eyes is very Difficult 2 read.

The every person who shakes hands with you is not your well wisher,and who dosent shake hands with you is not your Enemy..

Share a heart which never breaks,Have a smile which never hurts,Give a touch never pains,Maintain a friendship which never ends..

Love is logic,life is tragic,marriage is magic,education is basic but friendship is fevikwik….

Dont place me in ur eyes I may fall as tear,Place me in ur Heartt,So that every heart beat reminds u that this friend is always there for U.

Life Is not about The Quantity 0f Friends You Have.It Is The Quality 0f The Friends you have…

FRIENDS are like a page in a Book of life Every page have a DIFFERENT SUBJECT But you are my INDEX PAGE Covering EVERY SUBJECT of my life.

Few Excellent Friends..Better than Many Good Frnds N 1 Sincere Cool N Caring Frndz,Much Better than Few Excellent Friends.Thanx God U hv Me.

Ice is a cream,luv is a dream,but our frndship is evergreen.Dont make friends bfore undrstanding N dont brk frndship after misunderstanding.

Friend in different lanaguages..Iranian-DOST,German-FREUND,Herbew-CHAVER,French-AMi,Pinoy-KAiBiGAN,Dutch-VREND,Mexica.For me..Jst simply You

In dis World,where everything seems Uncertain,only 1 thing is Definite.Youll always be my FRIEND,beyond Words,beyond Time N beyond Distance.

Old friends R gold..New friends R Diamond..If U got diamond dont forget the gold,Bcz to hold a diamond in a ring U need a base of gold..( friendship quotes in English )

Sharing A Lovely Relationship Not Only Depends On The Spoken Words But It Also Depends On Understanding The Unspoken Feelings.

Now a days peoples and relationships are like bluetooth.If you stay close they stay connected,And if u go away they find new devices.

Birth is start of life,Beauty is art of life,Love is part of life,Death is last of life,But Friendship is heart of life,Love you friends.

Relations N Ego both are inter connected.The first fails if the second is hurt.The second fails if the first succeeds.

Dont love a friend like a flower,Because a flower dies in season.Love them like a river,Because a river flows forever.

I can`t find a reason Y God gave U to me,but tht is not the question to b asked,May b the question is how God knew tht I need a frnd like U.

When I was born,GOD said,Oh No Another IDIOT.When U were born,GOD said,OH No COMPETITION.Who knew,1 day these 2 will become Friends forever.( friendship quotes in English )

Stars has 5 ends,Square has 4 ends,Trinagle has 3 ends,Line has 2 ends,but Circle of our friendship has no end…

Good Friends Care for each Other,Close Friends Understand each Other,and True Friends Stay forever,beyond words,beyond time..

FriendShip is a network that needs..NO Recharge,NO Roaming,NO Validity,NO activation,NO Signal prbms.Just don`t switch off ur Heart.

A true friend irritates when u say i am SAD,Laughs when u say i am SORRY,Smiles when u say MISS U.And kicks when u say i am BUSY

Words begin with ABC.Numbers begin with 123.Music begins with do,re,mi.And friendship begins with you and me.

A good friend is like a computer Enter in ur life Save U in his heart Format ur problems Shift u 2 opportunities Never Delete u from Memory.

In dis cruel world it is difficult 2 find frnd wd beautiful heart,pure feelings,attractive personality N stylish looks.So learn to value me.

Being a friend is not just sharing a joke,a conversation,a cup of coffee or a funny story.It means sharing a honest and true part of Urself

Thank U 4 touching my life in ways U may never know.My riches do not lie in wealth,but in having friend like U a precious gift frm god.

I may lose something today I may get anything else tomorrow.But,I can never lose and ever get one thing and thats YOU So,be my frien forevr.

A friend is like blood,they are not beside us always.But they come out when we are wounded.
( friendship quotes in English )

If you angry with ur lovaable friend,Just put aside your egos Just hug each other and say I need u idiot at least to fight with me.

Best lines said by a friendI cannot promise to solve all ur problems but I can only promise that I will never let u face them alone

This is a bridge of friendship,when you are sad and lonely,cross it.Ill wait on the other side.If u r afraid just tell me,Ill cross it 4 U

Family is like a candle in our life friends are like that candle light they will come to our life with brightness Prabhu

so nice friend i thing you r better today i know about all but u never seen me why i am fully funny man.

I am not the best person in UR life,but
I just hope that 1 day when U hear my name just smile and saywhat a friend he was..

1Stone Is Enough To Break A Glass,1Sentence Is Enough To Break A Heart,1Second Is Enough To Fall In Love,1True Friend Is Enough For Life.

Every One Is Not My Friend,But My Friends Are Not Like Every One.

Best ever quote in friendship:
Some say “always remember me.”
some say “never forget me.”
But I will say.. “forget me if u really can..”

Tear`s of eyes r valuable…Speech of lips r powerfull…Heart with love is beautifull…Life with frnd like u…is the most Wonderfull.

Beauty is start of life, beauty is art of life, risk is part of life, and good friend is heart of life .

Everyone hears what u say… Friends listen to what u say… Best friends listen to what u don`t say..

FRIENDS-They make you laugh a little louder,smile a little brighter and live a little better than before.

Best friends are those people who make your problems their problems so that you don`t have to go through them alone.

Fake friends are like shadows,always near you at your brightest moments but nowhere to be seen at your darkest hours.

Never choose a friend without complete understanding and never lose a friend because of a small misunderstanding.

Sometimes the best way to stay close to someone you love is being just a friend,nothing more nothing less.

I don`t have an attitude,I have standards for the people who are supposed to be my friends.

A good friend will be there for you when you cry. But a best friend will have a wet shoulder because of your tears.

We have three types of friends in life.Friends for a reason,friends for a season,and friends for a lifetime.

True friends are not the ones who are there when its convenient. True friends are there when its not.

Just wanted to say thank you for coming into my life and being my TRUE FRIEND.

In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends.

A good friend knows all your best stories.A best friend has lived them with you.

yo heart is a beautiful garden and my friendship is a small rose in u r garden please do not pluck that rose for any reason.

a true friend is someone who…
still believes in you…
even after you have stopped…
believe in.

God determines who walks into ur life,it`s up to you to decide who you let walk away,who you let stay,& who u refuse to let go.ash

Lovely times of our life will not return back 4ever.Bt the lovely relation & the missing memories of friends will stay in the heart 4EVER.

There are many stars but the moon is u,There are many friends but the best is u,To forget me that`s up to u,To forget u I will never ever do( friendship quotes in English )

Friendship is a priceless gift,
That cannot be bought or sold.
But it`s value is far greater,
Than a mountain of gold.

SWEETHEART, is a special word for LOVE
LOVE,is special word for CARE,CARE,is special word for FRIEND,and FRIEND,is special word for..YOU

“LOVE”is a Small Coin”LIFE” is a BIG Coin”Wife” is a Lucky Coin”Lover” is a Sweet Coin BUT,”FRIENDSHIP” is a GOLD Coin Keep it safe it.

It is not necessary to share
everything between your true friends
But it is necessary that
what u share must be true..

once u let them go
u cant ever get them
dats y i ll tie u
tight tu my heart
u r precious to lose

Never ever try to test friendship
because friends are like diamonds
when u hit them they don`t break
but may slip away from your life

“A friend is sweet when it is new..
it is sweeter when it is true..
but u know that..
it is the sweetest when it is u..”

Thank u for our friendship
For it means so much to me
Your kindness and understanding
And loving ways u share so free.

There is a gift that gold cannot buy
a blessing dats rare & true
Thats the gift of a wonderful friend
like the friend That i have in you!

Friendship Opens Many Doors
Each With A Different View
But None Could Be More Beautiful View
Than The Door That Leads To You

A person living in another persons heart is called love... But A person living as another persons heart is called

A Good friend is like a Computer,
he enters in ur life
save himself in your Heart,
format all ur troubles and
never delete from his Hear

We gain and lose things every day.
But trust me on one thing:
I will always be there as a friend!

A loving memory of your smiling face,A friend like u can never replace,Deep in my heart u will always stay,Truely remembered every day….

7 colours make Rainbow.
7 chords make Music.
7 days make a week.
7 continents make d world. N
7 beautiful letters make us “FRIENDS”

Life is Once..
Youth is Once..
Love is Once..
Marriage is Once..
Death is Once..
“FRIENDSHIP is Forever”….
( friendship quotes in English )

Every natural rose is an autograph
from the hands of god &
every real friend is a blessing from
the eyes of god.
U r truly a blessing

Friendship is Like a Mercury Drop.
If it is Dropped it is Impossible To
So Dont Drop Your Friends

No Life without Partner
No Answer without question
No Rain without Cloud

If you open my heart,
guess what u r gonna see?
It`s U.
True friends are hard to find
So I kept u.

Friends are like mango.
Youll never know which is sweet and which is not. Well Im lucky bcoz
I was able to find the sweetest
mango in u

A good friend will
Always be in memory!
A better friend will
Always be in Dreams!!
But the best friend will
Always be in HEART..

Relations Do Not Shine
By Just Shaking Hand In The Best
But Relations Shine
By Holding Hand In Critical Times.!

Friendship is a priceless gift
That can`t be bought or sold.
But to have an understanding
Friend is far more worth than gold.

Rose is a Flower that lives for
HOUR,But Friend is Power that lived
FOREVER,Ice is Cold cant be HOLD, But friend is Gold cant be sold

People like U r found only once in a
lifetime.So U better take care of
urself because I don t want 2 waste
another lifetime

A friendship is like a winding road,u never know where it is going to go.But there is something that I do know,Which is that our friendship

With u bside my fren
I hav cn my world becoming
a beautiful place….My dreams
turning into reality

A deep friend is like rainbow,When the perfect amount of happiness and tears r mixed,The result is a colorful bridge between 2 hearts.

I dont need words 2 express . I dont need tears 2 shed
I don`t need 2 ask for a smile .
Or a hand 2 hold me
All i need is,
2 be ur free
( friendship quotes in English )

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