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Shayari is the form of expressing our love grief sadness or any this with the help of the rhyming words and a deep intense massage that contains inside it. Shayari is generally done in Urdu language but with the upcoming days, the shayars have been able to rhyme the words together with the help of the Hindi language and give it the name of Shayari. Shayari is pretty famous among youngsters nowadays because, in general, everybody in their teenagers has loved someone and there might be a condition they were not able to get their love so the youngsters very well relate with the love Shayari in Hindi.

Generally if people want to express love to somebody and if they cannot express it by the word of mouth they can do it with the help of love Shayari this is one of the oldest forms of expressing love to someone , Generally it is said that the people who are heartbroken or have got cheated on love or in many cases they have not been able to get their love of life they do a very good shero-Shayari . But nowadays this talent is not only restricted to some people many new faces have come upon in the field of rhyming with the help of some beautiful Hindi or Urdu words creating some awesome Shayari for love.

So here you will find the list of top latest love Shayari written by some great shayars of the time like Gulzar, Rahat Indori and many more on the line. You might wonder sometime that how come they write so well and it relates to a mass audience. It is saying that if a person has a broken heart than he/she writes very well be it any song or Shayari he/she express his or her grief of not getting their loved ones in the form of singing or Shayari. It is just a saying don’t comment me on that you can have another logic, in some cases, the peoples are with the born talent of this they just write or sings very well. you to have your own love stories. Till here you might be clear that to whom you are sending this Shayari for love and you have his/her face in your mind right now and you might be thinking about her right now, so let me make it clear that here you will get gf Shayari in Hindi.

So here you will get love Shayari best in Hindi it all you will get here the pre-written Hindi love Shayari for you you can copy it and use it accordingly but if you don’t want to copy it you want to use it in the form of image it is also present here you can go ahead and select your best love Shayari and then long-press on that image if you are using it in mobile or tablets then a pop up menu will appear and you can then select the download image option from that . you can also share the particular image of it on WhatsApp also just click the share button and you will be on the option of sharing it.

कुछ ख्वाब बुने थे
कुछ सपने सजाये थे।
कोई फूल की तरह उन सबको
मसल कर चला गया।

what is love shayari wallpaper
what is love shayari wallpaper

लोग भी कमाल के मिले आज मुझे
उसकी रोती आंखे दिख गई
मेरा टूटा दिल न दिखा किसी को।

whatsapp dp love shayri
whatsapp dp love shayri

अपना दर्द सबको न बताएं
मरहम एक आधे घर में होता है
नमक घर घर में होता है।

where's the love shayari
where’s the love shayari

ख़्वाब टूटे हैं
मगर हौसले तो ज़िंदा है।
हम वो शक्स हैं
जहाँ मुश्किलें शर्मिंदा हैं।

very sad love shayri in hindi
very sad love shayri in hindi

हुस्न का क्या काम
सच्ची मोहब्बत में।
रंग साँवला भी हो
तो सितम ढाता है।

true love shayri in hindi images
true love shayri in hindi images

तेरी बेरुखी ने छीन ली हैं
शरारतें मेरी..
और लोग समझते हैं
कि मैं सुधर गयी हूँ।

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